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(Alice in Wonderland) Oh My Ears and Whiskers, I'm Late! Depicting rabbit checking his pocketwatch, bearing six India -1/2a and two 1a stamps tied by "Subathu 17 AU, 1896" circular datestamps to Mauritius, artwork based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, ex Giamporcaro
Alice in Wonderland. Detailed drawing depicting two frogs fighting, a bat and the moon and with phrases "Alice, where art thou?" and "Strike me pink! Alice was all there", Great Britain 1p tied by "London W. OC 15, 1890" circular datestamp to South Kensington, a Lewis Carroll-related item, ex Shaida


Alice in Wonderland. Hand-drawn design depicting the white rabbit blowing on a trumpet, Great Britain 1p Red tied by "Ryde OC 28, 1869" circular datestamp to Brighton, receiving backstamp, ex Shaida


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